mcs testimonial“We are a small family owned moving business and we honestly had quite a few doubts that this software would even be beneficial for us. We decided to give it a try around six months ago and I want to say that we absolutely love what we have now! Moving Software Company has taken a great deal of time to really get to know how we conduct business and areas we needed to work on in order to start bringing in new customers. Everything has been completely customized to us and what we need as a whole to increase our profits and reduce overhead. In six short months, we have more than doubled our business while also reducing the unnecessary overhead of a full sales force. I highly recommend this outstanding company to all movers that want to see drastic, yet excellent, results with their business!”~Kevin Springer-Jackson Movers Inc.



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“I started as the sales coordinator at a local moving company around a year ago. When I started, our sales were fairly low and we seemed to have a great deal of competition, especially with other movers online. We really had a poor presence online and a website that allowed a bare minimum of support for quotes and other sales information. I decided to talk to an agent at Moving Company Software and to try the software to see how well it would work for us. After 3 months, our sales had increased so well that my boss not only thanked me for helping to increase business massively, but he also promoted me to VP of the company! Thanks so much for the outstanding performance and the great services you provide!”~Beth Kiser-King Moving and Storage


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 “I really want to send a huge thank you to Moving Company Software for taking the time to really get to know our company inside and out. Our portfolio has increased which of course means that our profits have soared to levels that have literally set company records for profit and growth. We are now able to open a second location to continue expanding even farther. This great software has really helped to ensure that we are able to fully manage our business in the most profitable way possible.” ~Angelique Morrison-Morrison Moving and Storage

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